Legal services

Working with the Register of Enterprises
• Registration of new businesses( Ltd, branches , micro , private businessmen )
• Re-registration
• Reorganization of enterprises
• All kinds of changes in the charter and other documents of the company
• Increase or decrease the authorized capital
• Liquidation of enterprises
• Insolvency firms

Pleadings and other documents
• Representing clients in court
• Preparation and introduction of civil and administrative cases
• Appeals
• Cassation complaint
• Applications
• Representing clients in state courts in Latvia
• Claims for divorce and collection of funds for maintenance
• Claims for the right to property
• The statement of legal fact
• Claims for reinstatement
• Claims for the recovery of funds for maintenance

• Comprehensive legal services to enterprises (including accounting )
• Legal support and assistance in transactions with Land Registry
• Preparation of letters of different content
• Preparation of claims
• Drawing up the power of attorney
• Preparation of acts of different content
• Debt collection in pre-trial and court procedures

Drafting of contracts
• Hiring of premises
• Buying and selling apartments
• Land lease
• Purchase and sale of land
• Donations
• Rental of vehicles, equipment, etc.
• Employment contract
• Settlement Agreement (in case of damage)
• Marriage agreement on division of property
• Buying and selling Goods